December 2, 2006

'O Christmas Tree!

We got our first christmas tree today! I just couldn't wait until next weekend- which was the original plan. We got it at Fernald Greenhouses. The Fernald School is a state-run residential program for developmentally disabled adults. Residents run a greenhouse with wreaths, arrangements, plants and Christmas trees for sale. (Did NOT feel like donating my money to the boy scouts anyways!) The prices rocked too! A small tree for $20. I wont have the finished pics until we let it breath a little in our living room. But we do have a few from today's adventure.

Note: we had to use our maid's car, because we didn't want to scratch up our ridiculously awesome Lexus. HA righttt

Rocco was very amused by the christmas tree invading his territory.

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theH said...

That tree rocks!