December 3, 2006

Rockin' Around the 4 ft Christmas Tree

Rockafeller Center ain't got NOTHING on our 4 footer! I hope no one is offended because there is no star on the tree (it would've been hard to operate the camera and sit on top of the tree at the same time)
Hope everyone had a fun weekend. Mine was a good time, hit up Marguaritas with Ali on Friday for a mega hilarious girls night, and had a fun movie night with Gus, Matt Q & Kristy on Saturday. We watched Clerks 2 which I definately recommend you should rent.

Today I always I had a "That's Whack" moment. One of the gifts I wanted to get my mom was a subscription to Martha Stewart Living because unlike myself, she can make everything in that magazine. I go online to find a great deal, so I go for it. 5 minutes later I open up the December issue, only to find a great offer. Buy one subscription for Living, and get one free! FOR THE SAME PRICE I JUST PAID ONLINE. I totally could've gotten myself a subscription as well.

That's Whack.

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