January 11, 2007

Bauer Hour quickly approaches

Its January, and you know that means. The start of a new year, and the happy reunion with our dear old friend (and hero) Jack Bauer. Sunday night starts the debut of 24: Season 6, which starts at 8pm on Sunday (6am Jack Bauer time). Sunday and Monday are both 8-10pm, so get ready for an intense Martin Luther King weekend.

Here are some links to check out while you are making the time pass until this show is on...

OH and get ready to buy your own Jack Bauer action figure as well!

1. CNN's bauer editorial
2. Seatle wishes Bauer worked there.
3. Jack Bauer fun facts (i'd definately posted these before)
4. Damn It!
5. 24 Archive for those Nina's who need to catch up!
6. There's even a non weirdo fan who keeps track of all the guys Bauer kills! That's fabulous!

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