January 17, 2007

Grey's Anatomy is Hella Lame

On-screen AND off-screen. I decided to stop watching the show back in the fall, when it went up against NBC's Must See TV Thursday. Why watch a bunch of over dramatic horny interns if you can see The Office, Scrubs & 30Rock and have a comical evening.

Then Golden Globes '07 comes around.

After Greys Whorenatomy won best Television drama, the press conference got a little intense. As many of you all know there was reported drama on the 'D Rated holds nothing on Fox's House' set a few months ago when Isaiah Washington dropped the F word toward TR Knight, which then caused him to come out of the closet. F word as in rhymes with Baguette. A few PR friendly US Weekly covers later- we thought all was well.

WE THOUGHT all was well.

We thought.. all was well.

"No, I did not call TR a baguette" claimed Isaiah Washington, to the reporters. Shit hit the fan afterwards, because to the cast it just tore up old wounds. One costar. very pissed at Dr. McRacist was Izzy (Katherine Heigl). "He needs to just not speak in public... at all" says the tall blonde. Take that!

Maybe I will tune into this show now, I wonder whats going to happen. Maybe Michael Richards will do a guest spot soon as a Candy Striper?

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