January 8, 2007

Not MY Super Proposal

Yesterday I was forced to listen to the NFL network on Sirius radio (because we were driving in Gus' car) The only interesting story I heard throughout the 25 minute drive was this story about www.mysuperproposal.com. Apparently this guy is trying to get donations to propose to his girlfriend by buying a commercial spot during the Superbowl (you know that big game which usually features the Patriots vs a lesser team). Well commercial spots during the SB usually cost 2-2.5 million bucks. So far he's raised about $100,000.

While this is a pretty funny idea, and pretty amazing that he's raised more the $70- it came to a harsh reality when he was told all of the ads were booked. So having somewhat of a heart- he decided to donate the money to the
Vanderbildt Children's Hospital, a hometown charity, and now is in talks with one of the companies who already have an ad- to see if they can still sponsor his SuperBowl proposal! His website mentions he'll be on Good Morning America next week (but he'll be blurred out so his girlfriend won't figure it out)

My only concern is- even if she says yes, she's going to be pissed that that money didn't go towards the ROCK. But thats awesome if all that money goes to the Children's Hospital. Goodluck mon frere.

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