January 1, 2007

WawaWeewaw 2007

Happy New Year! 2007 started off pretty fun for this girl. We went to Fajitas & Ritas in downtown Boston right by Boston Common where first night was taking place. Jaclyn & Chris were true champs by driving from Rochester Sunday morning, only to party hard and take off early the next morning. Other RIT alumni who came for the festivities were Meg & Adam, Christine, Legno, and the rest of the RBC. Legno brought some of the Jersey boys as well, and Greg (a fellow True Life Jersey Shore Time Share owner) even taught me how to do the sacred Fist Pump dance move. Urban dictionary quotes it as "Juice heads from Staten Island who go to clubs on the jersey shore and dance with each other, not girls, while pumping their fists to bad techno. They typically wear headbands and sleeveless shirts that are two sizes too small." But i quote it as totally awesome. Definately a fun filled weekend. Took a bunch of pics the past couple of nights. And for all of those people I called on NYE, you are lucky ducks. And if you actually picked up, sorry I could not hear a word you said! OH another highlight of the night- we got to watch Borat at the Hyatt. I forgot how ridiculously funny that movie is. Gypsy, give me your tears. Here's to a 2007, lets see how long you can keep your New Years Eve resolution, although half of you probably broke it at 12:05am.

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