February 21, 2007

Bikini Bootcamp

How would you like to send yourself to Bikini Bootcamp? Don't worry guys, there's Warrior Week as well. Amansala is an eco friendly resort in Tulam, Mexico that gives new meaning to a kick ass vacation.

Days start with a beach or jungle powerwalk followed by a combination of body sculpting, power ab sessions or pilates, and end with yoga and meditation. In between there are excursions to the nearby jungle for swimming and snorkeling in fresh water swimming holes (cenotes), visits to Mayan ruins and pampering with beachside massages, Mayan Clay Treatments, lots of agua di limon and plenty of sunshine. [source]

The vacation unfortunately is not free! It'll run you about $2,500- but that price isn't too ridiculous considering all that's included. Check out how fabulous the cabanas are! I'll keep you posted when I decide to book it :)

Donations are totally accepted as well..

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