February 18, 2007

A Closer Look.

1. Celtics with Championship!! .. of slam dunk contest.

2. I told Brit not to do it.. but somehow exploited my shop into charging for the Brit Buzz for $200!
3. Nicole Ritchie might go to jail, and not for the new Simple Life season.
4. Reasons why YOU should watch Daytona 500 today, other then Jeff Gordons boyish good looks.
5. Top 50 Salaries. Being a Blogger unfortunately only made #51. Righto.


And a very happy birthday goes out to my dearest Legno! He was SUPPOSED to be partying it up at Mardi Gras this weekend, but his flight got cancelled on Friday. I'm sure you made the best of it though this weekend! Here are some mardi gras beads for you anyways!!

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