February 28, 2007

A Closer Look..

1. Hey Celtics sportscaster Cedric Maxwell, why don't YOU get back in the kitchen.
2. FINALLY. Now Howard K., give the kid back to Larry and this will all be dunzo!!
3. Women, take control of those finances of yours.
4. The awesome ladies at my networking class swear by THE SECRET. I'll probably pick it up this weekend. (on dvd of course)
5. Gore, too busy saving the world to shut off a lightbulb in his own mansion! He's still awesome though.
6. Stay Classy American Idol! I still dont believe that girl is from Jersey though..

And last but not least... I watched Stranger Than Fiction last night on DVD (came out yesterday). Oh man, did I love this movie! I didn't get to see it in theatres but heard it got good reviews. Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Gyllenhaul were so good. Queen Latifa, they probably could have hired anyone to play her part.. The soundtrack rocked too. I went on iTunes and bought the Album (cos of course you couldn't just buy one song.. but still $9.99 was a good investment nonetheless). I highly highly highly recommend renting this one. Very nice treat!

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