February 20, 2007

A Few Movie Reviews..

Movies I've seen as of late.

Marie Antoinette- A movie written and directed by Sophia Coppola was totally worth the rental if anything for its costume and set design. I really liked Sophia's other two movies "Virgin Suicides" and "Lost and Translation", but this one isn't on the same level as those. I digged the modern rock music and no subtitles or accents-- everything was in English. The plot itself was kind of dull, they just made her look like a historic version of Paris Hilton! That's hot.

Trust the Man- I'm a closet Julianne Moore superfan. She's the prettiest pale woman I know. This movie was a Valentine's day treat, based in NYC. It follows two couples. One is married with kids (Moore & David Duchovny), and the other twosome (Maggie Gyllenhaal & Bill Crudup) is in longterm relationship where after 7 years, the girl is starting to wonder if she is wasting her time with a commitmentphobe. It was a smart romantic comedy- it reminded me of Prime. Men will like this flick as well, so make it a date night!

Artie Lang's Beer League- Gus is a huge Howard Stern fan, and he got me listening to the shock jock all the time as well. Artie is Howard's sidekick, and invested and wrote this movie last year. It only showed up in a few theatres when it came out, due to the lack of funding. It also didn't help that a movie called Beer Fest came out the same month! I definately recommend this movie, its pretty ridiculous and funny. I'm thinking Old School meets any Adam Sandler movie.

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