February 22, 2007

Must've had my onion goggles on.

Keep those tears to yourself when you chop onions. Now you can rock the onion goggles when you cook. I myself would probably save the $20 and wear my ski goggles instead. But thats another reason why I was not meant to be a cook.

Speaking of that- I picked up Every Day with Rachel Ray, thinking maybe I'll see a recipe I could attempt to prepare. Turn to the table of contents, and see a neat penne pasta dish. Hmmm maybe I could make that. Turn to page 58. Its titled KIDS: Even a Pintsize cook can make this easy -peasy pasta dinner. Oh man. What GH (Grown Up Helper) is going to help me boil the water?!?

I hope Gus enjoys the "More-Peas-If-You-Please" pasta dinner i'm whipping up for him soon.

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