February 25, 2007


One of my favorite days of the year.

I set up shop in the living room with the following necessities
1. Laptop (with Mozilla tabs already parked at people.com, eonline.com, perezhilton.com, gmail.com)

2. Universal remote

3. US Weekly, Vogue, & Boston Sunday Globe

4. Lots o Aquafina (alumni reception-- see post below) has left me with a killer headache

5. One Blackberry & three cell phones (for crazy publicists to reach me who are running around all day catering to the other celebs)

Guys have their superbowl, and Julie has her oscars. Got my oscar scorecard in place (more on that later) Attached a camera to Rocco's collar so he can take on the roll as the paparazzi. The only thing missing is a red carpet in our apt, but i'm sure I'll get crafty one of these years and bust one out. Gus loves the oscars too, because it gives him an excuse to go into the office and play Madden all day.

Main pics for tonite:
Best Picture: how can you be from Boston and not say the Departed?
Best Actor: Forrest Whitaker, cos he has the cutest ears I've ever seen! Plus his speeches are random and awkward, in a sweet way.
Best Actress: I'd love for Penelope to win, but its gonna go to Helen Mirren.
Best Director: PLEASE give an Oscar to Martin Scorsese. As Tom Turner would say, "He's due."
Best Supporting Actor: Marky Mark
Best Supporting Actress: Doesn't it seem like Jennifer Hudson already won? Let's give it to someone random.. like the broad in The Departed.
Best Original Screenplay: Totally Babel, oh wait- Crash already won last yr for the SAME EXACT SCREENPLAY.
Best Adapted Screenplay: Wa wa wee wa, in my country we pick Borat!

YAY FOR THE OSCARS! Now time to check out the red carpet..

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