February 14, 2007

Part 2: Want me to start your car?

6:10 am- me: GUS, is it a state of emergency?
6:11 am- g: Probably not..
6:15 am- me: Turn on the news!
6:15 am- me: NO put on Channel 7, you know I need to hear it from Krista Delcamp
6:20 am- me: Well the schools are closed
6:20 am- g: Yeah, but you're a grownup now! You still have to go to work.

No state of emergency.. but I'm still going to drive like a grandmother on the roads today. Thank you Noreaster for your big stay home from work tease.

7:15 am- g: Want me to start your car?
7:15 am- me: No, just going to sit here and sulk for another 10 minutes.

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