February 14, 2007

Part 3: GO FIGURE!

So this morning I tried driving to work. Could BARELY get out of my driveway (because its on a downward slope so its always icy as hell). Then I skidded around for another couple of streets. Gus called from the Pike saying "its HORRIBLE out. Drive around a little before you head to work to see if you're okay to drive, cos you and ice? Not so much." Yeah so no state of emergency, but work understood when I called in my car saying I'm a spaz and definately dont think me being on the highway is too good for america, or at least the commonwealth of Massachusetts. THAT my friend is not the go figure part. So then I call Gus to tell him that I didn't go to work, and his response is..

"Guess you'll get your Vday present tomorrow then."

What are the odds that the 1 day I dont go to work there are flowers waiting on my desk for me?

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