February 26, 2007


ZZZZZZ is what I did after watching the Oscars for 32 minutes. Which was good because when I watched the Recap on The Today Show, Matt Lauer informed us that they didn't give out one of the bigger awards until 72 minutes into the show! Ellen did a great job as host, not sure if I liked her better then Jon Stewart, but still very good! Check out Perez Hilton for some of the gowns A-listers wore last night. I'd have to say Penelope Cruz (pictured right) was my favorite. My favorite part of the show was when Will Ferrell and Jack Black did their skit, saying that since they were comedians and were never going to win an Oscar- they were just going to beat up all the nominees instead. So they start yelling out names like Leo, and Will Smith. Then Will Ferrell just yells out at the top of his lungs ... "MARK WAHLBERG!!!!!!!! Where are you?" They zoom in on Marky Mark and then Will just says "You're pretty bad ass.. I'm not going to fight you" V. funny.

And Go Boston! The Departed pulled in 4 Oscars including Best Picture. Wicked sweet.

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