March 26, 2007

Airport Blues

Wake up early early Sunday morning last week to head off to Logan airport. Drive our car in, b/c Matt Q was going to pick it up later on at the day (saving us $50 in cab fare thank you much). Walk into the Departure section for US Air. Don't see a line, just a huge mass of people who don't look to excited to be there. Wish i took some video with my digicam, b/c there were definitely some YouTube arguments going on between pissed off Bostonians and US Air employees. 5 hrs later of waiting in line, we finally get up to the kiosk. Ten minutes of the lady staring at the screen, she says "Everything is backed up because of the storm. The earliest I can get you to the Bahamas is Tuesday morning." My eyes are pretty much watering at this point. Gus calls up Sandals to see if we can change our trip dates. [insert jamaican accent here] "Mr Mancini, man, we're not expecting you til tomorrow". That's impossible Gus says, let me see the itinerary. My reply "GUS I know I booked the right dates, I picked the day after St Pattys day... March 19th-24th"

Gus: "Julie, St Pattys Day is on the 17th"
Me: "You serious? I thought it was on the 18th"
Gus: "So we just waited in line for 5hrs for no reason"
Me: "Pretty much. But the good news is, if our flight HAD been today, it totally would have been cancelled."
Gus: "True, just keep this little story to yourself then"

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