March 26, 2007

Honeymoon Laaaaaaaa!

What an amazing week! Gus and I went on our honeymoon to Sandals Royal Bahamian, in Nassau. It was my first trip to the Bahamas. Weather was 80 degrees and sunny, with a low of 75 one of the days. Sandals was all inclusive, aka free food and booze the entire week.

There were 3 pool bars t
here, 8 restaurants, bars galore, lots of hot tubs, and cute hammocks set up all around the resort. I saw a few weddings going on, but they were out on the dock on the other side of the resort. Going to 5 star restaurants, ordering Filet Mignon, wine and even dessert (oh my!), and just walking up and leaving as soon as you're done is by far the greatest thing ever.

Gus went jet skiing in the ocean and bartered with a couple locals for some cuban cigars. Days were spent laying out by the pool, or laying on a float in the pool. Nights were spent eating some delicious food, then hitting up all the events the resort had planned. One night was Havana night, where the bartenders made their signature Mojitos.On Thursday night, Gus arranged a Candlelight Dinner, where they set up a pretty dinner in our room on the balcony, with a butler included! Stay Classy Julie & Gus. Its nice to know that your hubby has it in him to pull off a romantic surprise like that!
Overall, the honeymoon rocked. I totally realized why couples go on them right after the wedding, b/c this was the first time we've gotten to relax since getting hitched.


Nanette said...

That is awesome! Glad you had such a great time!

Erica said...

ahhhh so cute! Glad you guys had fun! I want to go on a honeymoon (minor problem because I am not married)... Can Gus please teach my boyfriend Romance 101? He set up a candlelit dinner...GOLD STAR!