March 7, 2007

I thought this was only in Zoolander

Meet Ellen Sirot, the world's most famous hand model. She's done everything from Estee Lauder ads (she filled in for Liz Hurley's hands), Verizon, Neutrogena, Amex, Diet Coke, Dunkin Donuts, to Cambell's Soup & Scotch Tape to even appearing on the promotional shot for Howard Stern's 'Private Parts' (it shows her hands juggling his love handles).

Its very hard work to be such a successful hand model. Ms. Sirot says she's not allowed to: clean, take out the trash, or wash dishes. She also said she can't build muscle in her hands, so that means no pumping gas or carrying a grocery bag. She even makes up to six figures a year. I myself can never be a hand model after a very bad oven mishap that left a scar on my hand when I was trying to prepare a rectangle slice of Elio's pizza.

And besides.. I can't turn left.

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