March 6, 2007

If I had a million dollars

Tonite at 11pm, I'm going to become a millionare. My coworkers and I all threw in $5 each for Mega Millions. Right now its for $370 million and split up between the 15 of us, makes it about $7.4 mil for Julie. I know Neal and Henry mentioned they bought tickets as well, which is sweet that they donated to my winnings. Driving home from work (probably my last day after I win haha jk..) I started to think about all the things I would do with the cash. I must admit my list is kind of boring...

Nick & Jessica's house from Newlywed's. I'd have it shipped to Mass though.
A month long rendezvous throughout Europe (Mykonos & Rome are musts)Some Charitable donations to Susan G Komen Foundation, B4BC, & Nurses for Newborns

Last but certainly not least..
A one hour private soccer lesson with Cristiano Ronaldo
*What would YOU do with millions of dollars?*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I was disappointed to see that you did not include a little something for your under appreciated yet always dedicated dog walker, yo' momma, Deb Q...

I was thinking something in the way of private salsa dance lessons with Antonio Banderas. My Zumba class is just not cutting it...Then I can be on Dancing with the Stars...
luv ya,