March 5, 2007

Such a crazy tourist.

Saturday we decided to take advantage of one of the first days of spring like weather and take a drive into Boston. We departed at 8:30am and started with some breakfast at Jim's Deli in Brighton (AWESOME omelettes). After that, we decided to drive into Harvard Sq for some coffee. Excellent parking spot (one hour parking was the only catch), which gave us enough time to walk around and grab some Starbucks. Urban Outfitters is always fun to walk through, except I feel like I'm not cool enough to actually buy anything. Spent way too much at LUSH, which is my new favorite place in the world. And then checked out a bunch of notecard/stationary shops to scope out the future competition (more on that in a couple months). I told Gus at the beginning of the day that we would be going on a grand tour of Boston, but it was going to be completely spontaneous, which is hard for Mr. Engineer to do considering he always needs a plan carved out in stone. We drove over the Fanuel Hall afterwards, and finally sucked it up and paid for a parking lot. Only $10 damage- not too bad. At this point it was around 11:30 and it was getting close to 45-50 degrees out.SO many people were walking around, it was awesome. Made our way over to the harbor, where I got to yell out "Look Gus, Sea men" while pointing to all the sailors who were on the JFK ship. Stopped at Boston Sail Loft for an amazing cup of chowda. Then jumped on the T to go to Newbury St. Walked all the way up and down from the poor end to the super loaded side, hubby even bought me a fabulous Longchamp bag at the boutique on Newbury (Thank you much!) and then found our way back to the car (6 hrs of walking later). Here are some pics I took of my super touristy walk around the city..Note, the Louis Boston free digital picture was the only thing I could afford from there. I didn't even have the courage to walk in!!! Johny Cupcakes was a good time, I got Gus a cool shirt for St Pattys Day, definately check it out of you find yourself on Newbury. I heart being back in Mass!!!!

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