March 15, 2007

Thems good eatings.

$1,000 Pizza? Only in NYC. Nino Selijima's Bellissima in Manhattan offers a luxury pizza topped with caviar galore and lobster. BUT keep in mind, you'll have to order it 24 hrs in advance, because Nino will have to go pick up the toppings himself.

Dear Mr. Nino,

I've only been in sales for a year now, but something tells me if someone is going to buy your pizza, it is going to be a billionaire business man, who will do it in a drunken stupor to try and impress some sleezy broads, so that whole 24 hr in advance thing is going to completely bite you in the ass! So go buy your caviar and lobster, throw it in the freezer and hold your breath. I would like to order $250 bread sticks though.


Julie Q

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