April 24, 2007

A Closer Look..

1. Pictures of Heidi from The Hills, after her numerous plastic surgeries.
2. More pics of Jason from Laguna, sorry for the numerous Cali shout outs.
3. Where in the world is Matt Lauer? He's at it again!!
4. Boston Professor gets the ax for reenacting Virginia Tech Massacre
5. I'm actually on Alec Baldwin's side.. Kim Basinger is a hasbeen looking for attention
6. Idol isn't the same without Sanjaya. No link, I'm just watching it now. Boooooring.
7. NOW here's the Sanjaya link! He did the top 10 on Letterman..
8. A book about Hooking Up, except now it starts as young as 12 & 13 yr olds. What happened to the good old days where you used to just put Jonathan Taylor Thomas Tiger Beat posters up on your wall.

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