April 9, 2007

Clown College

So this guy at work lasted about 1 week before deciding that the wonderful world of IT sales is just not for him. He was a very odd fellow, which is why this email didn't surprise me when i saw it in my work inbox last week. Apparently he has found his calling in Clown College. Just keep reading. Note: name has been changed.

Julie, just keeping you in the loop:

Sent 4/3:

I spoke with Costello after work yesterday, and he was also just getting out of class. Yesterday he learned how to walk on broken glass, rub his face in broken glass, eat fire, fill his mouth with razor blades and a string then have them come out all tied together, and he has begun to learn how to hammer a nail into his nostril and swallow swords. His homework for last night was to swallow a coat-hanger seven times for today's class, and to keep working on the nail in the nostril.

You'll be happy to know that almost all of this is just magic, mostly optical illusions which he already explained to me how they do it. And he has sent a message to Ted (which I have already delivered), "IT WAS WORTH IT!!!"

Sent 4/6:

Just letting you know that Costello is still happy as could be in Coney Island. He's now learned how to escape a straight jacket, stick his fist in a bear trap, stick his tongue in a mouse trap, also he learned how to eat fire off a torch, put it out, keep his tongue lit on fire, and light a different torch. He's finally getting the hang of hammering a nail into his nose. And he says hi.

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