April 4, 2007

Doggy Yoga?

Human Society in Washington State has started a doggy yoga class for dogs and their owners. While a few dogs usually run around chasing each other throughout the class, they say most dogs can chill and and relax for up to 40 minutes on their doggy mat. Something tells me Rocco would not be part of the latter. So far this is only available in Washington, but the the teacher, Brenda Bryan, is in talks with instructors in LA, New York and Pittsburgh.

So what exactly happens during Doggy Yoga?

In Bryan's class, the humans do traditional yoga poses yes, including "downward facing dog" while staying in contact physically with their pets.

Part of the class includes gentle stretching and dog massage, another specialty of Bryan's, but most of the time the humans gently use the dogs like yoga props.

In downward facing dog, for example, the humans rest their heads on their companions, who are relaxing napping? on the mat.

The yoga poses are modified both for the humans of different sizes and abilities and for the dogs. During class, Bryan reminds the people not to push their canine partners to perform. [SOURCE]

I can't wait to bring Rocco to one of these things, he needs to get in touch with his inner chi

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Debbie said...

My little granddog is really flexible in lifting his back leg up. Either one...I'm so proud...