April 5, 2007

The Hills are Alive..

You can count on a third season of The Hills comin' at ya this summer!! This is almost as exciting as finding out they're making a Sex and the City movie!!!!jklafjlkfas

LC was in the blogger world today because apparently there was a rumor going around about a sex tape with old flame Jason. Her camp says its completely untrue, and sources say the rumor was started by Heidi's boyfriend Spencer. He probably called everyone on the "Homeboy" phone and spread the word. Boy is this next season going to be Juicy [couture].

Not only is this good news for yours truly, but its also good news for Teen Vogue.
WWD.com reports “Since the MTV reality show “The Hills,” based on Teen Vogue intern Lauren Conrad, returned in mid-January, newsstand sales for the Condé Nast teen title have increased by double digits over last year.”

Hope everyone has a great weekend! And a Very Happy Birthday to my girl Ali!! We will be celebrating in the Needham/Newton area on Friday night.

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