April 13, 2007

I don't Luv2Run..

But I'm going to anyways.

Me, Jenny, Gus and Amanda & Noreen from work are running the "Luv2Run" 5K tomorrow. The only thing is- I kinda haven't trained like.. AT ALL for it. Stayed in tonite, ate some pasta, and watched Happy Feet with Debbie Q. Happy Feet is cute, but March of the Penguins is so much better.

Weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow- which is ironic because the weather is going to be gross for the professional runners taking part in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

iTuned Stored it up this evening and added a little Fall Out Boy & Rage Against the Machine to the nano, so I should be fine. Wish me luck, cos I'm going to need it...

To be continued!

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