April 14, 2007

I won 1st place!

... in the raffle @ the race today!

Haha I won a gift certificate for a $95 pair of Vasque Trail Running sneaks. Woo hoo. The race actually wasn't too bad. Jenny & I clocked in at 35 minutes, which is pretty sweet considering the only training we did was not drinking on Friday night. The race was along the Charles and pretty much consisted of a big ass loop and 2 bridges. We all then headed over to the White Horse for a celebratory pint[s]. Here are a few pics from this morning.

Noreen, me & Amanda looking hot with no makeup on
(yes i'm still rocking a needham high school long sleeve, booyakasha)
Rocco smelling MikeyNeal, Jenny & MikeyCheers to running! Woo hooooo

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Debbie said...

I was looking for you on TV on Monday since you did so awesome on Saturday. Heck, you had plenty of time to rest...
Rocco was very proud, he told me on the way home. He didn't understand why he doesn't get the trail shoes. Saturday was lucky for the raffle folks since I won the two nights with the most blackout dates for the Cape Codder, in Hyannis...You hopefully will enjoy your anniversary in the Fall in Hyannis...