April 30, 2007

Maroon 5's new single is so-so

I heard Maroon 5's new single "Makes Me Wonder" on Sirius Hits 1 the other day, and I just didn't really like it. The band first hit it big a couple years ago after "This Love" was featured in a Mavi Jeans ad. Their first cd, Songs About Jane, was released 5 years ago with a bunch of good tracks. 5 years later, and THIS is the song the use as their first single? The funny thing is- Adam Levine was once linked to Jessica Simpson, scandalously weeks after her split with Nick Lachey. I think this song sounds a lot like Jessica's "Public Affair" single. I hit up iTunes to hear some other tracks, but the album doesn't drop til May 22. Hopefully it gets better.

Some good music news: Elliot Smith has a new album out. (He's the guy who did the Goodwill Hunting soundtrack) Its a collection of unreleased tracks recorded between '94 and '97 (he died in 2003). This album is definitely worth your .99 cents at
iTunes. Check it out.


Nanette said...

You don't like their single??? GASP! That's ok - more M5 for me! ;)

Julie Q said...

Nanette you make an excellent point. But it also goes to show why I'm not a writer at Rolling Stone! My music critique is based solely on the celebrity gossip concerning M5.. lol

Matt said...

elliot smith is still the best.