April 21, 2007


Went into Kenmore Square last night to go watch the first Sox/Yankees game of the season. And by that I mean we went to Boston Billiards thats located right outside of Fenway Park because we did not have tickets. It actually wasn't too horrendous getting into Boston, we took the T from Brookline for about 5 minutes so we didn't have to pay $40 on parking. Gus wanted to leave around the 7th inning because the Sox were losing, but then Coco Crisp hit a triple to tie the game and some other Sox did something to put the Sox in the lead. At that point Boston Billiards was packed and everyone was clapping like we were at the game. Fun stuff! Then the txt'ing to all my NY friends began, even more fun stuff! Then me, Gus, Henry & Atnu headed over to Baseball Tavern to meet up with Erica and James. Erica is soon moving down the street from us woo hoooo! Totally wish I had brought the camera last night.

This is going to be a fun baseball season ladies and gentlemen.

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