April 8, 2007

Ya ya sisterhood of the traveling Tequila Shots

Friday night we headed out to Newton for Ali's 25th bday celebration. Ali-Dan, me-Gman, Er-James and Lauren-Henry were in attendance. Talk about super awesome quadruple date night! Shots showed their ugly ugly face, but I pulled a Coyote Ugly and poured the tequila into a beer bottle and filled my glass up with water. Ali totally caught me but I handed her over a $10 due to the waste of alcohol i caused. But who was laughing the next day with no hangover! This girl.

One lady at the bar that I did not know was having a great booze filled night and ended up spilling her purse with over 2,000 items including change, lip gloss and tic tacks hitting the dance floor. I tried to take a pic of that but all of the body builder guys she was hanging out with did not let that fly.

(below: my water substituted shot, i still enjoyed the salt and lime though )

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