April 2, 2007

You're going to Hollywood!

Finally got a good nights rest on Sunday, after getting about 9 hrs sleep total during my weekend trip to Rochester. Good friends, red carpet, a fridge that never ran out of Miller Lite, Champagne, numerous dance parties, beer pong and birthday cake = all the ingredients of a perfect night! The theme was dress up as a Celebrity. One of Jac's cousins dressed up as "Dick in a box" which was probably the funniest. Nate dressed up as Peyton Manning, which basically featured basketball shorts, and a Colts long sleeve shirt, accessorized with a Colt's Superbowl beer opener. When he asked Gus if he could open up his beer for him, Gus replied "No thanks, I can open up 3" (pertaining to the Patriots having 3 Superbowls in a row instead of the Colts measly 1). Lisa W rocked Marilyn Monroe's look and Meg channeled Lindsay Lohen, complete with a Kaballah bracelet and black leggings. Lisa G went as Nicole Richie & Turner donned a Steve Irwin outfit and apparently he paid $50 to overnight a stingray attachment, but it did not arrive in time. Jac and Chris went as Melania Trump and the Donald. Fortunately Chris' hair is nothing like Donalds so he wore a wig! Jenny played the perfect Paris Hilton and I sported Vanessa Minnillo's look, which pretty much consisted of a cute outfit, wavy hair and a TRL backstage pass. Jenny & I shopped for Neal and Gus' outfits on Saturday, and decided to make Neal go as Stavros Niarchos (Paris' on and off fling) and Gus would be Nick Lachey (equipped with an arm tattoo & USC hat). Except everyone thought Neal looked like Bono with the sunglasses! The rest of the RBC (aka Lauren and Henry) kept their A-List status as Brad and Angelina. Sarah D was going to be Jessica Simpson, but Jenny told her sister that Jessica wasn't A-List enough, so she opted to go as Christina Aguilera instead.

Some pics from the event.

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SarahD said...

Excellent weekend was had by all!! We all CLEARLY belong on the red carpet in out hotty outfits~ can't wait to see you this weekend for more fabulousness!!!