May 30, 2007

5 Factors of Fabulous

Access Hollywood did a special on celebrities getting in shape. Usually I just role my eyes at celebrity workouts because they look impossible and fake. But this personal trainer Harley Pasternak has a good system. He calls it the 5-Factors of Diet and Workout. Harley keeps it simple. Five exercises, five minutes each, for 25 minutes total, five days a week.

5 Factors (click here for article)
Factor 1. Warm up (stairs or tredmill- whatever floats your boat)
Factor 2. Cable Exercises (to tighten up your chest and arms)
Factor 3: Stand ups (While it looks really easy- i'm sure after two minutes it gets pretty hard)
Factor 4: Abdominals (crunchs, etc)
Factor 5: Big Cardio Finish (Running!!!!!!!!)

Click here for the Diet that Harley recommends.

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