May 17, 2007

Be a Chick/Dude Magnet

Improper Bostonian had an fabulous article about tips for the Boston Dating scene. One of the sections had to do with which outfit turns most heads at the Boston bars. They took a guy and a girl and dressed them in 4 different styles: Prepster, Business, Hipster, & Hip Hop.

Prepster look:
Girls ->Lacoste polo, white capries, longchamp purse and the matching cardigan Guys: Bright yellow sweater draped over a navy button down shirt and a palm tree tie & Khakis.

Your fancy suits. Unless your Michael Scott from the Office (then you would wear a woman's suit)
Hipster: Messenger Bag, Keds, Jeans, Graphic T, Sweatshirt... Guys match a Corduroy blazer with a graphic tee and some scruff.
Hip-Hop: Your typical club attire. Girls- daisy dukes and big hoops earrings. Guys- Think K-Fed

Overall the Business look did not fair well with both sides.
Prepster look did very well (c'mon people, this is BOSTON!).
Hipster - the guy did a lot better than the girl. She said it wasn't a total hit.
Hip-Hop- The guy said he felt like every guy wanted to kick his ass in that outfit. And the girl said she got lots of looks & stares- but the stares were mostly jealous girls judging her.

So the moral of the story is, bring your collared T's, JCrew pants with mini lobsters, and plaid shorts to Boston on your next vacation!!!!

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