May 6, 2007

Birthday Bonanza

This weekend Rocco celebrated his 3rd Birthday!

On Saturday he decided to go for a walk in Boston along the Charles River with mommy and daddy and Uncle Matt.

The rest of his day consisted of laying some sun on the deck all afternoon and relaxing with a few snausages here and there and the new issue of US Weekly. (He was very excited to hear about Vanessa Minnillo's life with Nick cover story)

Sunday morning he went for Round 2 at the Dog Park, running his little legs wild which now leads him to spending the rest of his Sunday sprawled out sleeping on top of the Boston Sunday Globe.

Hope everyone else can be so lucky!

[pictured right: you can tell there is a cookie involved in this particular photo shoot, thus his determined stare]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

where was I that weekend? Was I gone without the birthday boy? I like the picture of Rocco wrestling the Boston Globe...