May 14, 2007

The Hollywood Debate always has the most entertaining comments on their posts, because people always write either emotional responses or funny ones. Well this post was about Kelly Clarkson and her recent appearance at a concert. (I myself think she's a pretty girl with the All American look- any shape- with a kick ass voice) But this blogger asks, does she just look big because she's not the size of Nicole Richie?

I'm sure she's a lot happier at least....

In other news, Lily Allen wrote a meloncholy blog about how she's so upset with her weight and appearance and wanted to go get gastric bypass surgery, etc. A few days later her spirits were lifted and she apologized and thanked her fans for all of their support.

While regular people obsess about their weight- these girls have to deal with it a million times more being in the public eye. There are so many sides to this because we think to ourselves "if i could afford a trainer and pay personal chefs to prepare all of my South Beach meals for me I'd be able to look fabulous in Hollywood as well" I do hope Ms Allen feels better and something good will come of these girls staying healthy and not starving themselves..

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