May 15, 2007

Hope I don't see Skuzzlebutt.

After years of passing on Phi Psi Alumni's infamous Saco River trip, I announced last Saturday that I would be in attendance this year. Its not until August, but I feel that I need about 3 months to psyche myself up for my first camping trip ever. [I went to a junior prom once and everyone decided to sleep outside in someone's backyard. That didn't work out too hot considering I knocked on the door at 4am asking the girls' parents if I could sleep on their couch because I could not sleep a wink outside] But that was years ago I'm sure I've matured into the wilderness type? Jenny & Lauren are making the trip as well, which pretty much sealed the deal. Gus told me I had to think about what I want to bring, so I've been researching to see if Gucci or Louis have a Wet/Dry Bag I can order. Jenny mentioned she had a curling iron that runs on batteries. Or maybe I'll go for the Jennifer Aniston natural beach kiss hair look? Anyways- its going to be quite the experience, I just hope its not like Brooke from the Real World Denver trying new adventures. (note: if you know what i'm talking about you are totally awesome)

And about the title of this blog, its from season 1 of south park, click here


Nanette said...

OMG! I totally forgot about Salute Your Shorts until now! :)

wuxtry said...

If you want a cool tee to where while you're there, check out the "Living La Vida Saco" shirt at