May 2, 2007

I wore men's cologne today.

It all happened when Jon gave me all of those makeup freebies last weekend. Well one of them was a small DKNY Be Delicious perfume. Or so I thought. I opened it this morning and it didn't have the spray attachment, you had to dab it on your wrists and then dab it on your neck to put it on. That Donna Karan is super trendy. I noticed it was a little stronger- but i just figured i'm just used to wearing my signature Ralph.

It wasn't until about 7 hours later where I kept on thinking a guy was near my cube because every now and then I'd smell that Guy stench.

Then the wheels in my head started to turn, and a google search later I realized this must be the guy version of DKNY Be Delicious and I MUST be wearing it.

Not that there's anything wrong with it. I just felt like I was hanging around a bunch of dudes all day.

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