May 20, 2007

My Boston Sunday Globe

Every Sunday, my favorite thing to do is run out and grab the Boston Sunday Globe. One of these days i'll just order to have the Sunday Globe delivered to me- but thats besides the point. When I crack open the uncreased fresh new paper, there are 3 musts to checkout. Its also in a particular order. *Note: you can obviously do all of this online- but i think there's something special about the tradition of running out to grab the paper.

First is the Celebrations Section. Who's getting married & who got engaged. Not once have I ever recognized anyone I know but there's still that anticipation factor when flipping through the pages to get to it.

Next is the inside cover to the Parade Issue. Its called Walter Scott's Personality Parade and I love love LOVE trying to answer all of the celebrity questions myself, and THEN reading what Walter Scott has to say.

And finally its the last page of Boston Globes Magazine, called Coupling. It is always a cute editorial about (what else) Couples.

Try reading the Globe my way, you'll start your Sunday off on the right feet.

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