May 1, 2007

Name That Rhino!

The Today Show has teamed up with the Cincinnati Zoo to help name the new baby rhino. I'm trying to think about what comes to mind after seeing this pic of the newborn (Birthday was Sunday night 4/30) SO cute. It looks like that children's book character, I totally can't think of the name. And I'm not sure how I'd go about googling that???A few thoughts..
1. Eeyore
2. Britney Spears
3. Ronny
4. Ricky
5. Jack Bauer or Vic Mackey (if the Zoo needed a bad ass to protect all the other animals)
6. Nick Lachey (who's from Cincinnati, that would kind of be like getting a key to the City)

Submit your names to The Today Show, maybe Matt Lauer will show up at your house and take you out for a frozen yogurt or something..

I asked Gus what the first name that popped into his head what to name
the Rhino and he said "Colangelo", yeah he's not going to win.

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