May 13, 2007

Oh those silly sox!

Today we hit up Fenway Park with Jenny & Neal. The Red Sox were playing the Orioles, and Neal hooked us up with some sweet tix. Got some drinks and a bite to eat at the Cask'nFlagin and then headed over to the field. The whole game the Sox were losing, just looking tired and blah. Finally decided that we'd take off if they didn't do anything at the top of the 8th. They didn't do anything. While Gus and I were driving home, Matt Q calls (because he knew we were at the game).

"OMG Fenway must be going crazy right now, I can't believe they came back and scored 6 runs in the 9th!"
"Um, yeah we definitely left after the 8th inning", I explained. Only to break the news to Gus and see a grown man almost cry.

We then called Neal and broke the news that we all
had left the biggest comeback in a long time. At least we got some cute pics AND James hooked us up with some free Peanuts!
GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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