May 23, 2007

Taylor Hicks is cute and other Idol Banter.

At least he was on the American Idol finale tonite. Carrie Underwood did a great cover of "Stand by you", and I got my Sanjaya fill that I've been missing for the past few weeks since he got voted off. I never used to be like this- I actually used to hate American Idol. It wasn't until Howard Stern started promoting Sanjaya and how people should vote for him. I tuned in and voted pro-jaya for a couple weeks, until Blake sang "When the Stars Go Blue" and I thought, hey that was actually kind of awesome. So then I kept tuning in to America's #1 show- which brings me to tonite, rocking the laptop in front of the television. I don't really care who wins, everyone is going to be out there and famous and uber-rich unless their manager parents ruin it all. I'm still a huge Kelly Clarkson fan, hoping her new album gets the go ahead. Carrie Underwood has a couple good jingles- except I secretly hate that she gets to date Tony Roma. Melinda Doolittle... never was my cup of tea! Maybe it was b/c she was always so humble when Randy, Paula & Simon praised how great her performances were, which made her seem a little fake and full of herself. Or maybe I'm a complete cynic!!

I'd wait until they announced the winner to end this post- but something tells me you will all find out on Thursday from a source or two who takes home the big honor!

Note: After this Maroon 5 post- the inevitable has happened -- I finally started liking the new single. Everytime it comes on Sirius radio- I feel a little guilty when I start dancing & singing along. I'd check my car to make sure none of the JQ Lounge readers were there cos I'd totally be a blogging hypocrite! Haha

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Nanette said...

Ha, ha! I <3 that you <3 M5's single now. ;)