May 31, 2007

to wii or not to wii

11:30am I get out of a meeting, only to find 11 msgs on my google chat from Gus.

G: Where are you?

G: You there?

G: CC has wii
G: I called your phone

G: You didn't pick up
G: You there????

(you catch my drift)

Well after calling the Circuit City by my work every day for the past 4 weeks, Gus' dream came true when Mercedes (the lady in the video game department) told him they had 2 available. Much to my chagrin- I take an early lunch and drive on over to CC to pick this up. "Do we need any accessories to go along with wii, Gus?" I call and ask. "Yeah, pick up the nunchucks if they have them" he replies. Riggggggght. Fast foward 7 hours later- I drop the wii off at our apartment and then go meet Jenny & Lauren out for drinks and dinner. Come back to find G totally brainwashed into the new member of our family. "Don't worry- I ordered you Super Mario World already" he brags. A man after my own heart.

Yeah, so now we have wii. Come one, come all. (i LOVE the wii picture i found online to accompany this post)

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Nanette said...

While I haven't played myself, I'm intrigued by the Wii. Hubby just got me Guitar Hero II for our PS2, and we're both hooked.