May 20, 2007

Too Faced to be True.

This weekend I made an executive decision. I returned my $175 Spray Tan Gun back to Sephora. Maybe I didn't use it correctly- but they should have thrown in a DVD or something with directions. I tried it once last weekend but I barely noticed a tan, and it stunk up my whole kitchen (with a cocoa oily smell)! Fortunately the awesome lady at Sephora told me I should try Too-Faced's new launch "Tanning Bed in a Tube". With a price tag of $22, that seemed like a bargain. I tried it out last night and it worked great! Not only did you see results right away- it is a self tanner- so after a few days you WILL build a natural tan. It has a small small small amount of shimmer as well, which works to your advantage. I then managed to hit up MAC & Prescriptives afterwards and blew a few dollars which made me pretty much break even with my original purchase, lol.

You can't change a makeup junkie.

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