May 21, 2007

Turn back into a Blogging Dog

So tonight Jenny & I tried Yoga for the first time. For some reason I thought Yoga was just relaxing and stretching on a mat, kind of like the Tic Tac commercials. We decided to check out the Monday night class (even though the Tuesday night one was more for beginners). The building was really cool, and they had the om symbol everywhere, which was sweet considering that is one of my tattoos (SUCH A SIGN i thought to myself) We walked into the 90 degree room with our mats. For a girl who's an AC freak- it was quite the adjustment. I made it about 45 minutes of the workout (which is WAY more then lying down and closing your eyes and meditating) before I felt like I was going to pass out. By the 50th Upward facing dog push up- I had to go out into the hallway and grab some fresh air for 10 minutes-- TWICE (C'mon it was my first try @ this!) Jenny was a rockstar she lasted the whole 90 minutes. While I did feel great afterwards- I definitely need to do it a few more times and work on the whole breathing thing- maybe that will curb the lightheadedness. Mad props goes out to Yoga goers, because it is very challenging!!! [note: that pic is not us, just a random i google image'd]

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