May 9, 2007

What I want right this second

Items like this are why people like me have j-o-b-s. Fusion has come out with the Fusion Beauty AirGlow Airbrush gun system. Basically when I own this $175 fine piece of machinery, I will be just like Jennifer Lopez minus the entourage and goofy husband.

They sell it at Sephora- and I am trying very hard not to buy one during lunch break on Friday since its Mother's Day this weekend. I have to put Debbie Q before myself. Maybe I could give her a Mother's Day tan with my new toy? Hmmm there ya go.

It looks like the spray tan you use with the gun is $58/bottle. THATS WHERE THEY GET YA! Think about it though- you usually pay $20-$40 a pop to go spray-on tanning, so here's where I would do the Fashion math by factoring in how many awesome tans you're going to get out of this. At least 50,000 I'm guessing.. which means you're now actually making money.

Now all I have to do is teach Rocco how to spray tan my back if I can't reach it!

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