June 23, 2007

The Blair Dog Project

While Saturdays to most people means its finally time to sleep in, for Gus and I it means just the opposite. Saturday mornings at 7:30am we get a wake up grumble from our dog, Rocco. For some odd reason he knows its the weekend (i'm guessing its because he didn't hear me press the snooze alarm for the past 2.5 hrs). He doesn't care how many drinks you had last night, he's going to the dog park. But I think I love the dog park just as much as Rocco does. We meet up with about 10-15 other dogs and their owners and let them rock out and run free.

Here are some pics from our fun filled Saturday morning. I understand you'll probably be viewing these after a great morning of sleeping in.

Yeah. Enjoy that!Above: Three dogs all grabbing onto a giant stick. Brilliant.

Above: If I was a good photographer,
I would tell people I meant to shoot the pic this way!

Above: I call this particular photo "Wet Dog / Poodle Butt"

Above: My handsome man after a long eventful morning at the Dog Park

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