June 14, 2007

A Closer Look..

-WHAT is going on with Kelly Clarkson. Why won't she just settle with her record label and bang out the usually top ten songs like her last album. Am I so selfish just because I want to sing along to 'Since you been gone' - type hits?

-THIS is funny. Boston Globe writes about couples that give TMI on their wedding websites.

-Jessica Simpson reportedly stalking John Mayer. HA!

-This book looks like a great summer read for US Weekly type chicks

-Charity Wines comes out with 3 Red Sox inspired flavors to donate to some Great Charities. I'd recommend:
Curt Schilling Presents... "Schilling Schardonnay" which supports his charity.

-Angelina wears a $26 dress to her NYC premiere. She still looks like 50 bucks in my eyes

-OMG is Boston Legal turning into Night Court? Now if only Bull would join the cast...

-Hills update: Heidi still grabbing any attention she can get her fake boobs around.

-Do you live in Allstate's top 10 safest driver cities? I know I sure DON'T!

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