June 27, 2007

CZJ you rob me blind

I have a slight obsession with Catherine Zeta Jones (CZJ as I like to call her). I never saw Zorro, but totally thought she was the most beautiful women ever after seeing the movie posters and previews. Then she started up with the romantic comedies, which I'd HAVE to check out.. American Sweethearts, Chicago, Traffic, Intolerable Cruelty, The Terminal, Oceans 12.. you catch my drift. Then I picked up a T-Mobile phone because she was THE face of anytime minutes. Which brings me to my point- I saw her on the cover of InStyle's July issue at the store today and immediately threw it in the grocery cart.

Do I read InStyle? No.
Does she look amazing on the cover? Yes.
At least I get to learn what the 30 Summer Style Secrets are.

Who's your CZJ?

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