June 6, 2007

Dunkin's duped my morning.

So I go to Dunkin Donuts this morning cos its on the way to work (no Starbucks around). Grab my ice coffee, only to get on the highway and realize that my bank card is no where in sight. Are you kidding me?? The lady never gave it back to me. So I "411'd" the store (which was a huge step because my crazy cheap self would rather wait to google the number instead of paying a four dollar '411 fee') They tell me "Miss, you dropped your card in the parking lot and someone returned it to the store". First of all, I don't believe that one bit. Second of all, I finally take a sip of this ridiculous coffee that inconvenienced my morning, only to find out that it was FRENCH VANILLA, a coffee taste that I might as well be allergic too (thats how much i dislike it). I asked anyone in the office if they wanted it, but after seeing my reaction as soon as i took the first sip, they were all set.

Thank you Dunkin Donuts! I'll be bringing a Kelly Clarkson's Focus Vitamin Water to work from now on. And thank you Debbie Q to leaving work and picking up my bank card for me.

*Nanette, i dont think I could be like you and break up with caffeine though-- thats just hardcore! lol

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meg said...

Hey.. I just stumbled upon your blog and have been reading through it.. (its totally awesome by the way!) And I know this post is way old so you probably already know.. but you can text google (466453) and put in anything like you would 411 or even sports scores, and it comes back.. just had to share seeing I hate 411 as well...