June 23, 2007

The End of an Era

Jenny sent me over this article from Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle. It pretty much says that Wineries in the Finger Lakes region have been getting too many rowdy visitors/wine tasters and will now start giving out Yellow cards to patrons, and possible even Red cards to repeat offenders. My first reaction was "Oh my gosh that's us they are talking about".

Okay so I Quentin Tarantino'd this story. Let's start back at the beginning.

I lived in Rochester, NY for about 6 yrs while I went to college. [And no I was not a doctor who went to school for 6 yrs, I stayed up there and worked for awhile as well....]One of the funnest events to plan with your friends in upstate NY is a "Wine Tour". We didn't just pack a van and drive on down to the wineries by the Finger Lakes region, we got a luxury bus equipped with the best wine tour soundtracks so we could arrive in style. And especially after Sideways came out, it was THE thing to do. Jenny & Jaclyn were the two most responsible ladies to organize such events.

And then they'd make the mistake of inviting BOYS on the trip. (which is why that article is hilarious)
You think since the samples they give out at wineries are so small there's nothing to worry about. Wine, my friend, is a powerful thing. I've witnessed so many reasons why this article exists. From Brad trying to steal a sample glass, putting it in his pocket, leaning against the wall and hearing the glass crack right in his pants. Then there was Nate who tried to drive off in the Bus while the Bus driver was standing outside. Followed by Gus and Tom and their wrestling matches on the bus ride home. We always gave great tips to our drivers.

Here's actually a blog I wrote in '05 about one of our trips.

If I had the html ability to play a song in the background while viewing these. It'd have to be Kanye West's Gold Digger, because thats the song we played over and over when we'd drive up to the next Winery.

And, yes, I will be framing the yellow card our group gets next time we go on a Finger Lakes Wine tour.

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Neal said...

I wonder if we can buy our way out of Red cards in advance. I think if we purchased 2 or 3 we might be able to get through another crazy trip.